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Kashmir Ki kali OVERSIZED FIT

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A samovar is a traditional kettle used to prepare and serve tea in many countries, including Kashmir. It typically consists of a large metal container for holding water, a central chimney for holding hot coals or charcoal, and a pipe for pouring tea. The samovar is known for its ability to keep the tea hot for an extended period.

Noon chai, also known as Kashmiri tea or pink tea, is a popular beverage in the Kashmir region of India. It is a special type of tea that is flavored with spices and has a distinct pink color. The tea leaves are brewed in a samovar with a mixture of water, milk, salt, and sometimes baking soda. This unique combination of ingredients gives noon chai its characteristic taste and color.

Noon chai is traditionally served in small, shallow cups and is often accompanied by Kashmiri bread or pastries. It has a creamy texture and a slightly salty and spicy flavor profile. The use of salt and spices sets it apart from other types of tea.

In Kashmiri culture, noon chai is commonly consumed as a part of daily life and is especially served during special occasions and gatherings. It is known for its warming properties and is often enjoyed in cold weather. The preparation and serving of noon chai in a samovar add to the cultural significance and traditional charm associated with this beverage in Kashmir.

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